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Japanese Beetle figures by Bandai (& others!)

Japanese Beetle figures by Bandai (& others!)

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Japanese exclusive figures from the sought after Ikimono encyclopedia range.

Various options available, some are rare limited edition figures. They all require simple assembly, legs / antennae / horns / wings etc push into place on ball joints, no glue required.

Created by Bandai using digital scanning or CT scans of real specimens.

These are all new, all from my own collection, so some do not have the outer capsule packaging as they were separated from larger sets when I collected them and got duplicates, but they are all complete.

These are articulated with ball jointed legs and antennae, some have removable hind wings, and wing cases which open and close, some also include a display stand. A fantastic collectors piece for anyone into invertebrates. They are currently the most realistic, well-made beetle figures around!

Please note if the beetle figure selected doesn't show wings or stand in the photo, they are not included with that species. Any with show the wings and stands are included with the figure.

Due to the small parts being removable, these aren't suitable for small children. Age on packaging is 15+

There is generally only one available of each design/species, and it's unlikely I will get more available.

the horns on some beetles often end up a bit bent in packaging but they can be easily set back to shape in seconds with some hot water.

I can't upload all the images here so please message for images of ones not shown.

the base of the display stands are green or brown for most figures but I took all the photos with a black base.

I cannot send these items to Germany or Austria, unfortunately, as with other Etsy sellers, all parcels to those countries are being returned, even with customs labelled filled out.

to see more photos of Japanese insect figures you can check out IG: classified_cargo

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