Collection: Specimens

Framed insect & arachnid specimens, most of these are old specimens which I no longer need as reference in my personal collection, so I have cleaned, set, preserved and framed them myself for new collectors to appreciate. 
Some are specimens which have been bred and raised by me, all details are found on each listing. 

I only ever frame the best examples I have available, and the frames are custom made locally to house the size of specimen needed. 

I've been setting specimens for over 17 years and always strive to get the specimens looking their best, and with a natural look, rather than stretching or flattening specimens. 

A normal amount of daylight is fine for displayed specimens, but they shouldn't be hung on a wall which receives a lot of strong direct light as this will speed up their fading. 

Please be aware for any purchases outside of the UK it is your responsibility to check if insect specimens are allowed through customs in your area.