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Carim Nahaboo Artwork

Framed Original Bumblebees artwork, 9 species

Framed Original Bumblebees artwork, 9 species

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Original hand drawn artwork by Carim Nahaboo.

Bombus species, Bumblebees.
Species are:
Bombus bimaculatus
Bombus frigidus
Bombus consobrinus
Bombus griseocollis
Bombus franklini
Bombus fragrans
Bombus rufocinctus
Bombus flavifrons
Bombus occidentalis

(Species names are written on the back of the frame, all are Queens unless otherwise stated).

Archival ink and coloured pencil on hot pressed watercolour paper.
These were the original bumblebees drawn for the World Bumblebees compilations.

Framed in grey solid hardwood wood frame, with conservation mount. Wall hanging and standing fixture on the back. Outer frame dimensions~ 14 x 12 inch.
Please note this frame has perspex safety glass, which looks identical to glass but is much more suitable for safe shipment.

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